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Go here for the actual thread. This is copied without the special formatting and emoticons:

It's the Eleventh Annual NFA Secret Santa Fanfiction Exchange!

Welcome to the first stage of the 2017 NFA Secret Santa Exchange! Here you will find all the information you will need to know about signing up for Secret Santa and what will be required of you between now and the deadline, which will be December 18th.

The first step in the Secret Santa process is, of course, actually signing up. Anyone who's an NFA member is eligible to participate! To sign up, send a private message to me (iheartGibbs) detailing what you are willing to READ and what you are willing to WRITE. These may be different from each other, so I'll ask that you use the template supplied below. When you send your PM, label it something like, "Secret Santa sign-up" so I don't lose it in my inbox. Also, please let me know if you'd like to write something different from what you normally write. Some people will ask for a challenge or to write something where people won't be able to guess them from the story. Please do not assume that I’m familiar with what you enjoy writing. Assume you’re submitting your information to someone who knows nothing about you. Leave nothing to chance.

You will have until the end of August to sign up, and then I will spend the first few days of September sorting through the participants' information to find suitable matches. If you've participated in past exchanges, you probably won't receive any of the people you've written for in the recent past as your match, although anything is possible. We have done several of these and have a lot fewer participants than we have in the past, so you’ll likely see some repeat matches.

I will try to get the pairings made and sent out by September 5th, and you'll have from then to December 18th to write your story and get it turned in to me via PM. Don't post your stories anywhere! It doesn't matter if it's to another website that's not NFA - you want your story to remain a secret up until THE BIG REVEAL, when the authors of the stories are identified. PLEASE NOTE that I have made the deadline later this year for submitting your stories. This is so that we don’t have any extensions. There will be NO GRACE PERIOD for story submissions, barring exceptional circumstances. If your story isn’t completed, betaed, edited, formatted and sent to me by this date, a backup writer will be asked to write your story for you and you will not be able to participate in further exchanges for a minimum one year. Further SeSa participation will be at the discretion of the person running the exchange that year. Please do not sign up if you do not believe you can commit to completing and submitting your story ON TIME! In the past the deadline has been earlier. Then, when someone isn't ready to turn in their story, they tell the person running the SeSa that they're almost done and they've worked so hard and that it shouldn't take much longer, but they just aren't ready. By making the deadline one week out, I have NO TIME to extend. I DON'T CARE if you've worked hard on it. Everyone has - and you should! But you NEED to plan to get it to me by the deadline, or you'll find yourself posting the story on the person's author board on Christmas yourself because a back up writer officially wrote for them. I'm not kidding. And to be honest, I don’t want to do this. I like playing good cop instead of bad cop, but if you are told someone else is writing the story SUCK IT UP. You knew the rules. It’s not on me.

If you would like to use a beta reader, MAKE SURE the person isn't participating in Secret Santa! It doesn't matter if you've written for them already or whatnot, the key word here is SECRET. We want to make sure nobody participating in Secret Santa knows the identity of story writers except for the person who wrote the story and me, of course. You can use someone who's not participating (or not on NFA) as a beta. You can also ask me to beta read for you, but I have a limited amount of time and will need you to keep in mind that I’ll need the story in plenty of advance time and that I may have to say no, based on my availability.

NOTE: If you'd just like to sign up to be a beta, but not participate in the exchange, let me know and I'll make a separate list.

IMPORTANT! If you have a question regarding your prompt, do NOT ask the person you're writing for! Ask me via PM and I'll PM them with the question.

The Nitty Gritty, aka Other Guidelines
Signing up is a commitment to write a story and get it in on time. All the staff understand that real life interferes at times and there will always be those cases, but this is not something you should sign up for if you aren't sure you'll have time to participate. There ARE more than 3 months to write the story, though, so if you know you'll be busier in November, make plans to write your story in October, or even September, and turn it in then!

NaNoWriMo! There have been people in the past who have signed up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which takes place in November, and have gotten burned out writing and not been able to finish their Secret Santa fic because of it. If you plan on participating in NaNoWriMo, please try to get your story finished BEFORE November to make sure this doesn't happen. Some of you can handle writing a lot and will be able to do both at once, which is great, but don't forget about your previous obligations when you sign up for NaNoWriMo.

If you do not turn in a story, you will be disqualified from the next year's fanfiction exchanges. That will be the 2018 White Elephant Exchange and the 2018 Secret Santa. :gibbssmack: It also leaves me to find someone to write a story last minute, and we don't want that, do we?

Your story doesn't need to have a holiday theme, though a lot of people like to see one. People will often specify if they'd like a holiday story or if it doesn't matter - if it's a good story, people won't matter when it's set.

The story you write must be at least 1500 words. You have 3 months to write this story. If you think this will be a challenge, start early!

Try to be reasonably broad with what you'd like to see in a story. Be sure to leave plenty open for interpretation, while giving enough of a prompt to generate plot ideas. Usually characters and a thought, quote or buzz word will do the trick. If you’re too specific (very specific setting like part of a season, already out-lined plot, strict character usage, etc) it will be more difficult to find someone to give your prompt to. We want to hand out prompts that will inspire someone with an idea to write! If they can get an idea immediately, there’s a much better chance of them finishing before the deadline. If you’re too specific or too vague, it could be December 1 and they’re still in this thread whining about how they can’t get any ideas. If you're stuck, use the Random Pairing Generator! You are welcome to supply a group of prompts for the person to choose from, like we do for the WEE, if you’d like.

And don't be afraid to say what you DON'T want! Don't be afraid to say, "I don't read romance!" or “Case files bore me.” If you don't like a character or pairing or just don't really want to read about them in your Secret Santa fic, make sure to let me know. You don't want to end up with a story you're not happy with because it included something you didn't want, so make sure to let me know.

After stories are posted, PLEASE thank the person who wrote for you! Even if the story you receive isn't your favorite story ever, at least thank the person who wrote for you. They spent time writing something just for you, so it's the least you can do. And wouldn't you want the person whose story you wrote to do the same for you? If you do not comment on your gift, I will hunt you down and stalk you until you do. :sigh: It’s very impolite to ignore someone who is doing something nice for you. Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

What is specifically needed:

1)What you want to read
Your NFA Username and first name (or what you want to be called by):
Spoilers or Season Setting: (In other words, if you have only seen through season four, you will want to let us know so that you don’t get a story set in season five.)
Gen, Het, Slash, Mixed: (Which do you prefer? Which will you absolutely not read?)
Pairings: (If you picked het, slash or mixed, what are your favorite pairings?)
Must Haves:
Don’t Wants:
Request or Prompt: (If any, or multiple if you choose)
Rating Cap: (If any – please indicate if you are under 18!)[

2) What you want to write.
Seasons you’ll write:
Type of story you’ll write: (Gen, Het, Slash, Mixed)
Pairings: (if any)
Genres you’ll write: humor, drama, adventure, angst, crack!fic, fluff, romance, case files, AUs, and anything else not mentioned.
Characters you’ll write:
Ratings you’ll write: (Please indicate if you are under 18!)

Here’s an example using a template that’s been used for a couple of years now:
1) Your NFA Username and first name (or what you want to be called by): iheartGibbs (Barbara)
Spoilers or Season Setting: I've seen all seasons, and prefer things to be set in the present, but episode tags for past episodes are more than welcome. I also love AU, which often doesn’t matter as far as season.
Gen, Het, Slash, Mixed: Anything is fine. If gen, please have some nice moments that could be interpreted as het. I like flirty banter!
Pairings: Gibbs/Abby, Tony/Paula, Tony/Abby, Tony/Ziva, McGee/Ziva are preferred, but will accept any pairing.
Must Haves: Must include Gibbs, Abby and Tony.
Don’t Wants: I don’t want any character bashing. No major character death.
Request or Prompt: 1-All I Want For Christmas –Christmas Theme, romance or gen, any characters or pairing. 2-Dashing Through the Snow – Gen – team fic; is someone stranded in bad weather? Is there a mad race to catch a baddie over icy terrain? Whatever you want.. 3-I Saw Three Ships – Gen, team fic, casefile.
Rating Cap: Up to FR18

2) Seasons you’ll write: I can write AU fics set in any season, but prefer stories set in current. I’m really bad about spoilers.
Type of story you’ll write: I prefer scenes or smaller pictures to long stories.
Pairings: I’ll write any het pairing.
Genres you’ll write: Romance, humor, crack!fic, character study, AU, drama or suspense. I’ve written case files, but they aren’t my strong suit.
Characters you’ll write: Any. Prefer writing Tony, Abby and Gibbs
Ratings you’ll write: Up to FR18

That's it! General comments, questions, squees, :santa: etc. are welcome in this thread. The second post will be reserved for the list of participants.

I will be keeping a list of potential back up writers. If you want your name to go on this list, please let me know by PM. And please do not be offended if you volunteer to write a back up story and I do not ask you to do so. Ideally, we won't need any back up writers at all. I will ask any backup writers needed according to what kind of story the gift recipient is requesting.

So get your Santa hats on and get thinking about your prompts! Remember: You have a (nearly) month to get your prompts to me, so make sure you have everything included that you want included. Let the festivities begin!
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Writing is tough. I love it, but it's still tough. I showed a story I completed to a friend of mine and while she was super nice and constructive about it, it was still an "Ugh, no. Please don't post that."


I had my "Waaaah" moment, now I have to basically start over so it can be better. I'd rather go months and months, even years, without posting a story rather than post something that is basically crap.

On a happier note, I at least know what I need to focus on to get better so I can run with that. Having direction is good. Most of the time I'm running in circles chasing my own tail.

*holds up my coffee cup in salute* - Here's to rewriting and rewriting and more rewriting for the writers out there who actually want to improve their skills. May we all accept constructive criticism and grow from it.
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So, I found out that at least some of the NCIS slash fanfic community found its way here so here I am. With NCIS Fanfiction Addiction (NFA) forum being slowly dying, I'm kind of at loose ends and feel kinda lonely for other NCIS fans to chat with so I'm hoping to fix that here.

First though, I'll post links to where I post all my stories and you can pick the site you like best. I write gen, het and slash. I'm not just a one-trick pony. ;)

Note: A couple of my slash stories are explicit but most stories are not.



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